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Let's Go with Muddy Gnomes Podcast

Let's Go with Muddy Gnomes is a new podcast that explores life, leadership, positive thinking, cold immersion, the ice bath experience, getting out of our comfort zone, and the simple power of saying YES!


Join host Chris Flockton, with Arjan van der Schoot, and Staci Baker for a lively and funny discussion that just might change your life.

Episode 1 - January 1, 2024

In episode one, Arjan, Staci and Chris chat about the origins of Muddy Gnomes, how to get started with cold immersion, and the tangible benefits of getting your chill on! Also, tales from the Mobile Ice Bath Experience, and the power of saying YES even if it means Staci loses at pickle ball. Let's GOOOOO!

Episode 2 - January 15, 2024

In episode 2 of Let’s Go with Muddy Gnomes, Arjan, Staci, and Chris catch up on all things cold exposure, and embrace their podcasting philosophy of wabi-sabi. Plus, Arjan has a birthday, Staci reminds us that time doesn’t exist, and Chris finally takes the plunge. All that AND we make time to put things up our noses! LET’S GOOOO!!!!

Episode 3 - Coming February 12, 2024

If you're an audio-only sort of podcast person, it's also available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Audible. But seriously, who wouldn't want to look at our gorgeous faces, amirite? 

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